DIY Spring


DIY Spring is an annual art and music festival presenting underground art by Black, Indigenous and people of colour to the Ottawa area. 

Our goal is to shape the future of arts and culture across Canada by creating an inventive platform for artists and audiences.

We believe in grassroots, underground, imaginative art as a vessel for joy, inspiration and social progress. 

Our curation prioritizes BIPOC women, 2SLGBTQ+ individuals, youth and those who face increased systemic barriers to presenting their work on festival stages and institutions in the Ottawa region.

We aim to improve the working conditions for marginalized artists, to reduce barriers to accessing art for our audience members, and to create an inclusive environment that brings people together to celebrate community.

Envision's Elsa Mirzaei interview for Byta's #HowWeListen series

Elsa Mirzaei - Artist Manager Assistant at Envision and founder and producer of DIY Spring - was interviewed as part of Byta's #HowWeListen series. Want to find out what Elsa' is listening to right now? Click here!

DIY Spring presents Digital Summer August 3 - September 3 with new promo video

From August 3rd to September 3rd 2020, DIY Spring presents Digital Summer - a stay-at-home performance and art series. Through at-home performances featuring local, national and international artists, DIY Spring is coming to you!

Stay tuned through @diy_spring on IGTV or through our Youtube channel to keep up to date on the latest underground art including exclusive performances, youth showcases, cyphers and critical conversations.

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