Colin Mackenzie


Colin has 20+ years experience in the Music Industry (Murderrecords, Cinnamon Toast Records, Perimeter Entertainment, Coast Magazine, Oxingale) and 10+ years in film and interactive industry (Alliance Atlantis, Arcadia Entertainment, NFB, Plank Media).  He is a former Producer of CBC Radio 2's The Signal. Colin has worked with and for filmmakers and musicians; as producer, director, manager, label owner, tour coordinator, booking agent, festival coordinator, and grant writer. He has served as a Jury member for the JUNOs and FACTOR, as well as co-director and talent co-ordinator for three years at The Halifax On Music Festival ( Halifax Pop Explosion).  Since joining Envision Management and Production Colin has raised over $500,000 in funding through federal and provincial granting bodies for musicians: touring, recording and creating.

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