Debut Album 'Out' to Launch April 30th, 2016


We spend so much time inside. We have never been closer, yet we are farther from each other than ever. We dig deep into the web, making connections, connections with robots and dots and servers. We don’t talk anymore. When we are sitting across from one another, we dive into the virtual world. There is no respect anymore. No respect for proximity. And there is only one solution for that. Going Outside. Out of our homes, out of our heads, out of the closet, out in nature, out where there is no reception, out where there are no social networks, out where people are, out where it’s hot, out where it freezes sometimes, out where sometimes you can’t bare to breathe, and other times you’re so happy to live.

Stop looking in. Out is where your true self is.
Out is happiness.
Out is love.