Montreal DJ and music producer Kid Koala presents a heartwarming adaptation of his graphic novel Nufonia Must Fall, in which a lovesick robot attempts to write a love song to woo a co-worker. Directed by Oscar-nominated production designer K.K. Barrett (Her, Where the Wild Things Are, Lost in Translation, Being John Malkovich), the production features a real-time filming of a puppet cast that interacts with more than a dozen miniature stage settings. Kid Koala (who has toured with the likes of Radiohead, the Beastie Boys, Arcade Fire, and A Tribe Called Quest) and the Afiara Quartet provide musical accompaniment on strings, piano, and turntables.

Nufonia Must Fall plays as genuine romance.

—New York Times

The film, small and tender, could stand strong on its own, but the heart of the production lies in watching it being created.

—The Guardian

Stick around for a special one-night-only DJ set by Kid Koala following Friday’s performance. 9:30 PM in the State Street Corporation Lobby!


Catch Nufonia Must Fall Live at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston on:
Fri, Feb 19, 8 PM  +  Sat, Feb 20, 8 PM

A special one-night-only after party DJed by Kid Koala will follow Friday’s performance at 9:30 PM!

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