Storyville Mosquito

Storyville Mosquito is a story about a young mosquito who leaves his family in Hillville to pursue a dream of playing in one of the greatest jazz bands of all time, the Sid Villa Hot Seven. But the rugged grind of the big city shows him there’s more to music – and to life –than going through the motions. Sometimes, you’ve just got to play offbook.

Storyville Mosquito is a multi-platform project, adapted from Kid Koala's story of the same name.

Beginning with the book experience, the story of our protagonist, the ambitious Mosquito, is told in 425 pages of full-colour photographs.  

There are two accompanying musical albums which help to tell the story.  One is a soundtrack.  The other is an album recorded by "The Hot Seven" - the band that is featured in the book.  Both albums are heavily influenced by and contain elements of New Orleans jazz, as well as Kid Koala's signature contemporary sound.  

In collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, Envision is co-developing A 7-1/2 minute stop-motion animated film using the sets and the characters of the book. 

The live show brings all of these elements together.  Kid Koala assembles a performance combining his storytelling with musical performances including the line-up from The Hot Seven (piano, bass, drums, horn section, animated sequences (expanded on from the film version of the story), and audience participation.


Storyville Mosquito pitched at the ISPA Congress in Montreal

On May 25th,2017, Storyville Mosquito, Kid Koala's new four hour interactive experience, was invited to pitch at the 100th ISPA Congress.