TOPS are a four-piece band from Montreal deliver a raw punk take on AM studio pop. Their new record, Picture You Staring, is a lush array of timelessly crafted songs. Picture You Staring gathers strength through intimacy. Self-written, recorded, produced, the record is the result of 12 months spent holed up in Arbutus Records’ Montreal warehouse. This album contains 12 impeccable examples of pop craftsmanship that will reward repeat listeners.

David and Jane met in middle school, but didn’t stay in touch until they reunited in Montreal where they’ve been collaborating since 2009. Unintentionally initiating a pop music scene in Montreal, their strange homemade recordings have gained an international following. In 2011 they joined Riley Fleck and started jamming at the loft space La Brique where they wrote and recorded their first record, Tender Opposites. TOPS continue to engineer and produce their own records and make their own videos in collaboration with fellow artists and filmmakers. In opposition to commercially driven pop music, TOPS pursuit lies in creating moving songs that succeed earnestly, disregarding trends and myth-making.

Since the release of Picture You Staring in September 2014 TOPS have done multiple tours of the US, Europe and an extensive tour of Japan. They’ve also released six music videos for the record, which range from highly conceptual to animated comedic meditations on life and death to lush choreographed dance. This fall they embark on a headline tour of North America with Los Angeles based artists Puro Instinct. They are currently working towards completing their third album.



Christian Bernhardt
David Winther

Isla Angus


TOPS Takes "Picture You Staring" on North American Tour

TOPS embarks on North American tour with "Picture You Staring" (released April, 2015). Among the dates are stops in Chicago, Detroit, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver. On October 31st, in Montreal, TOPS offers Halloween fesitivities with the Arbutus family alongside Mozart's Sister and a special DJ set by Blue Hawaii at Theatre Fairmont.